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Fee Rules

The efficient functioning of an educational institution depends, in the final analyses, on sound finances. The provision of sound and qualified teachers and modern educational aids- essential for creation of an environment conducive to the proper intellectual and moral developments of its cadets require large financial outlays. The fee structure has been formulated keeping this in view.

1.    Fee shall be due according to the following schedule.

First term                (  ------------------------------------------   )
Second Term           (--------------------------------------------)
Third Term               (-------------------------------------------)

2.    Fees may be paid through Bank Draft / Pay Order in favor of Principal Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree. Cadets name and Class should be mentioned in a covering letter or reverse of the Bank Draft.

3.    There should be no deduction in fees for absence, howsoever prolonged and for whatsoever reason.

4.    If the fee is not paid by due date, a late fee of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged and after 10 days the name of the cadet is liable to be struck of from college Rolls. Re-admission fee Rs. 5000/- would be charged upon re-admission and the decision granting re-admission shall be made by the Director Management.

5.    Cadet will not be entitled to appear in any exam if his accounts have not been settled in full by due date.

6.    The cadets appearing in board examinations will pay the messing and boarding fee up-to the end of Calendar month in which their Board Examinations finish.

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